Our Technology

At Grosvenor, we have invested heavily in our information technology and communication
systems which allow our staff to communicate efficiently and effectively.

Our repossession and tracing CRM system called PENDO is a web application which is core to our business.

Our CRM is hosted with the highest level of security in a secure data centre with separate application and database servers. We are fully virus protected and backed up with constant incremental data backups.

Our CRM system also has an interface into and out of the system which enables our clients to provide and receive automated updates to their cases.

Secure, online access

Access to our platform has to be signed off by the management team & Head of IT prior to going live. All users have to have their IP address authorised otherwise access is denied.

Automated email updates

All email updates can be configurable to each of our clients and even down to user-specific configurations.

Personalised client logins

These can be used to to create cases, monitor cases and download case documents.

The Grosvenor mobile APP

All our recovery agents also have access to and utilise our bespoke mobile app, which assists with workflow and instant updates whilst out in the field.

Each field agent update is time and date stamped and captures the postcode of where the update was completed. We use smart-routing technology to ensure vehicles are recovered in the quickest possible time.

GCMI Enforcement Group debt recovery software

“One system, many uses”

To streamline workflow automation for all of our users, GCMI Enforcement Group has partnered with a market leading software provider in the public and private sector.

Our chosen software uses the most up to date technology and security, whilst giving access to new communication options to improve and increase client, customer and debtor engagement.

With best practice and support being imperative to our business it’s vital that the technology we use can help us with our vision in the recovery of all debt types.

Benefits and features also include:

  • Usability design giving users a great experience
  • CRM
  • 2-Way SMS and telephony integration
  • Credit control and automated reminders
  • Streamlined debt recovery
  • Advanced cloud based system
  • Heavy lifting for faster processing
  • Decision engine
  • and most importantly – a commitment to continuous improvement.

Our services supported
by our technology

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