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  Asset location

Does an individual or corporation have sufficient assets to justify litigation?

If this is a question you need to know the answer to, you have come to the right place.

Knowledge is power and knowing the financial position of another party can be crucial, especially if you are ready to litigate.

At Grosvenor we specialise in electronic intelligence and information gathering, identifying links to land, property, offshore trusts and companies. Our analysis will provide you with detailed information on the value of an individual's assets.

These in depth reports build a financial profile of the subject before concluding a person's true equity status.

At Grosvenor we pride ourselves on attention detail, leaving no tracks uncovered. All cases are dealt with discreetly and we take information security very seriously. You can be confident in the knowledge that all data stored by Grosvenor is completely secure using the highest levels of encryption and protection available.

  We specialise in:

UK Domestic and off shore

Luxury items identification
Equity valuations
Fixed or contingent fee pricing

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