Vehicle Inspect & Collect

The Grosvenor Inspect and Collect service and software is our unique offering for managing voluntary termination and end of contract pick-ups.

Our goal is to address and rectify the significant losses our clients face in traditional vehicle voluntary termination processes and end of contract pick-ups.

Our bespoke technology and app used by every collection agent make sure we’re able to identify and estimate damage straight away, on-site. This provides your customer with accurate and transparent damage costs at the point of pick up. What’s most important, is we ensure the VT processing is fully FCA-authorised & TCF compliant.

The Grosvenor Inspect and Collect App

Our app is used on the phones and tablets held by our uniformed drivers and collection agents. Providing a fully digital customer experience, our agents use the app to identify the damage, if any and accurately cost any re-chargeable damage so everyone has full transparency and accountability at the point of voluntary termination or at the end of the contract. This ensures that our clients can maintain a positive relationship with their customers and recover any losses with de-hired damage.

  • Our charging matrix is fully customisable
  • TCF compliant
  • FCA-authorised
  • Maintaining your brand reputation

Our modern fleet of single-vehicle transporters delivers in a professional and modern manner which reflects positively on your brand during voluntary termination.

Putting you in control of your Vehicle Termination Process and end of contract pick-ups

Accurately identify

Our APP pulls in live feeds from the Manufacturers for costs to ensure the reports we produce are completely accurate.


All damage is recorded, photographed and agreed with the customer at the point of pickup to avoid any disagreements in the future.

Mitigates end of term losses

Our de-hire charging matrix is fully customisable so our clients can set specific parameters on what is and isn’t charged.

We are accredited by 

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